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Plan for a Healthier Happier Future by making "Better Choices" thru Holistic Nutrition and Healing with Natural Foods, Vitamin Supplementation & Daily Exercise
Don't expect healthcare companies or the government to take of you in your old age - take care of yourself now - make diet and exercise your health care plan so you can be around to take your children and grandchildren to enjoy life with you actually walking around (not shuffling) and in great shape. You don't have to be overweight, bent over, in pain and barely moving in your old age - you can be in good health, energetic and fun to be around. Proper eating, Nutrition and Exercise are the keys to Longevity and Vitality

Anns Holistic Vitamin and Fitness Regimen - Age 58 as of 2017

Eating Healthy

I think I may have lost about 2 lbs but I have gained muscle, not really trying to loose weight so much as gain muscle. My legs are tighter but I am still battling loose skin and cellulite...these things take time. I just keep on doing my treadmill just about every day and doing my weight lifting and floor exercises. I need to get some more weights to add to the equipment I use for pull downs and leg lifts. Jim doesn't like it when I take weights off his barbell and it's a hassle to remove weights and put them back from the barbell. I am having an easier time doing pushups now that I have learned to breath in and then breath out when lowering my body. I used to get dizzy and headaches from pushups but that was because I was holding my breath and not breathing right. I bought a big 2 lb bag of Pumpkin Seeds to add more Zinc to my diet for building muscle.

Still Lifting every day

Lifting every day

I took some exercise videos of myself and posted them on youtube for my cousin but I still have yet to learn how to edit them...will work on that another day. I think I gained a few lbs over the holidays and was not very happy with the hi-def videos as I could sure see more fat and cellulite in them than I cared to. Was glad some of that was blurred out when it converted over to youtube - LOL. So that has motivated me to work even harder to get rid of all that fat and loose skin. I know the loose skin is from losing weight and it will take time to gain muscle to fill it back out again. I have alot of fat on my thighs and hips and even though I treadmill an hour a day with ankle weights on it seems like it is taking sooo long to get rid of the fat.

Still Treadmilling

now using 7 lbs
of weights on each leg

I can now lift more

I am starting to lift 2 - 10 lb weights at the same time. Wish I had my own weight set so I could have a bar with weights on each end but I am using someone elses weight set so will take what I can use. I also use resistance bands. Arms are feeling stronger but I don't see much of a change yet. I have added 2 more lbs to my 5 lbs on each leg for a total of 7 lbs on each leg while treadmilling for 1 hour a day. I haven't really lost any more weight yet as of this writing 1/9/2014. I think I probably won't lose much weight as I am building muscle I hope. I do hope to lose about 5 lbs of fat though. This isn't all about losing weight it is also about eating healthier in order to live longer. I want to be like Wally and live to 118 - not drooling and actually driving to take my now 21 yr old neice to lunch in 2077 - yes I know that is 64 years from now but if he says he can do it - and he is 77 now - then I can do it too. I also hope to go out to lunch with him and his son when he turns 118 in 2054.

Still Treadmilling

now using 7 lbs
of weights on each leg

After I finally slimmed down to 106 lbs I felt like I needed to start building muscle in my arms to get rid of what looked like sagging skin on my upper arms. I expected this to happen because anytime you lose weight you need to tone up to get rid of sagging skin especially when you are over 50. I started off using 5 lb weights and did alot of arm curls and lifting them over my head about 10 times each time on each arm over and over again.... until I felt strong enough to start using 10 lb.weights. So now I am slowly lifting the 10 lb.weights on each arm about 5 times each time doing curls and also over my head. I just keep doing the same number on each arm until I can't anymore. I can only benchpress 20 lbs. - 15 times as of this writing 12/24/13 but it's a start. I also started using Resistance Bands anchored by the door for my arms. I pull on them about 20 times and step on them and lift them about 10 times.
The first product I used to help me lose weight this past summer and help to recover from workouts was the Body Fortress Whey Protein you see featured on the right and then after I lost enough weight to build more muscle I started on the Body Fortress Creatine Punch just this December that you see here on the left.

I see muscle

I have decided to add my list of vitamin supplements to this page so my friends can find a central place to click and order them from:
Every day I take Equate - Women's One Daily Multivitamin first thing when I wake up, then have my Coffee and a Fiber One Chewy Bar

I work on my laptop awhile checking all my emails then put my laptop on my SurfShelf Treadmill Desk on my Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill so I can walk while working. I put 5-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights on while wearing my very comfortable Skechers Women's GO RUN Sneakers and do about 1 to 1.5 hours of walking at a speed of 3.2 for 4-6 miles. This burns anywhere from 500 to 700 calories plus because the calorie counter on the treadmill does not account for the weights. Before I do this I make a shake with: Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein- Chocolate and add a banana, 2 tablespoons of Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Molasses, Blackstrap, Unsulfured, Organic . I keep this in the refrigerator and drink it every now and then during my walking and daily workout.

New Treadmill Desk
Bright Colors for Motivation
Floor Exercises: Stretching, Twisting, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 kicks, 100 situps, 50 thrusts, 25 X 5 types of leg extensions, 20 lady pushups, 40 arm curls and lifts using 5 lb.weights. Yes someday I will add a video so my cousin can see what I'm taking about.
About noon I take a NOW Foods Super Antioxidant , then around 3 pm I may take a Nature Made Super B Complex Tablet . Have a late lunch/early dinner, then before going to bed take my

106 lbs./ 5'2"
Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 Mg Burpless .

I am lucky that I get to work from home so I have the luxury of taking my supplements throughout the day easily instead of having to take too many things early in the morning. I also don't have to rush off to work and sit in traffic...but yes ages ago there was a time that I had to do all that. My lifetime goal was always to remove all the stress from my life and ending that driving to work routine was part of that. I also supplement my diet with foods that are high in anti-oxidants and snack on Pecans , Shelled Walnuts , Signature Almonds , Bitter Raw Apricot Kernels , Sun Maid Natural California Raisins . When in season: red grapes, apples, celery, peaches, nectarines, oranges, grapefruit, avocadoes. In the evening some Red Wine and Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark 72% Cocoa (dark chocolate is high in anti-oxidants) and makes for a healthy treat. When I don't make a protein shake in the morning I will make oatmeal with banana, coconut oil, black strap mollasses, about a 1/4 teaspoon of Organic Real Ceylon Cinnamon and filtered water. Never use tap water only filtered. There are alot of smarter food choices out there for your afternoon meals and I will save my favorites for another webpage.

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